The Primo Grills Story

Since 1996, Primo Grills has been making the highest quality ceramic grills right here in the United States. Primo Grills founder George Samaras was inspired by a Thanksgiving turkey cooked in a traditional Japanese-style ceramic grill known as a kamado.

He named his grills Primo, after the Italian word for best. And for nearly 20 years, Primo Grills have lived up to their name. Their patented oval shape is beloved by people around the world.

You won’t believe how juicy and delicious every piece of meat cooked on a Primo Grill will be.

Primo Grills Products

Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400

Produced in a partnership with famed American heritage whiskey producer, Jack Daniel’s, this limited edition grill celebrates American craftsmanship.

With a 400 square inch cooking area, expandable to nearly 700 square inches with a grill rack, this ceramic grill can cook up to 15-25 steaks at one time!


Primo Oval XL 400

The most popular Primo ceramic grill features an 18.5” by 25” cooking grid and an additional rack adds another 280 square inches of cooking space.

With the Primo Oval XL 400, you’ll have plenty of room where you can cook up to 25 steaks, or an incredible amount of fish, chicken and vegetables.


Primo Oval LG 300

With the optional Primo Grill Cart and 1-Piece Island Top, you’ll have room to prep and cook up to 20 steaks. Also great for roasting, baking and even smoking your favorite foods.

The Primo Oval LG 300 features a 300 square inch cooking area with room for an additional 195 square inch cooking rack.


Primo Oval JR 200

Believe it or not, this 210 square inch grill can actually roast two 14lb. turkeys at the same time!

Perfect for smaller outdoor kitchens or backyards where space is at a premium.

Also perfect as a secondary or back-up grill.


Primo Kamado All-In-One

The traditional round kamado-style Japanese ceramic grill. 18.5” in diameter with a 280 square inch cooking area.

Includes a cradle stand, FDA approved side tables, and tools for removing ash and lifting the grate. You’ll be able to grill up to 12 steaks on this little powerhouse!


Primo Grill Accessories

The true grill enthusiast will love Primo’s accessories, including a pizza stone, available in a variety of sizes and both glazed and unglazed.

Cast iron cooking grates and griddles are perfect for searing meats at high temperatures to lock in juices and flavor. Cast iron heats quickly, distributes heat evenly, and retains heat better than other materials.

Expansion racks add even more cooking space to your already roomy Primo ceramic grill. Great for cooking vegetables, toasting buns and keeping meat warm while you grill.

Primo Grill Accessories, Above:

Unglazed and Glazed Pizza Stones, Cast Iron Grill, Cast Iron Skillet, Raised Expansion Racks

Contact us for more information about other Primo grill accessories.

Primo Ceramic Grill FAQ

Why use a ceramic grill instead of a traditional gas or charcoal grill?

A ceramic grill insulates better than other materials and holds in heat and moisture, cooking juicier food faster than any other grill. Grills with a metal body actually pull moisture away from food, drying it out as it cooks.

Plus a ceramic grill is incredibly versatile. You can use your Primo Grill as an oven, a roaster, and a smoker. Just adjust the airflow and interior configuration.

Are Primo Grills made in the USA?

Yes! Primo Grills is headquartered in a 92,000 square foot facility in Tucker, Georgia. Right in the heart of BBQ country.

Do I need to season or “break in” my grill before cooking on it?

No! All Primo Grills are ready to use right out of the box. You should also know that cracks may appear on the grill’s exterior surface over time. This is known as crazing and is perfectly normal and doesn’t affect your ceramic grill’s performance.

What charcoal should I use?

We recommend that you use only natural lump charcoal made from whole stock hardwood in your Primo Grill. It burns cleanly, burns longer than briquettes, and you’ll love the natural smoky flavor it gives your food.

Primo Grills in Clearwater FL

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Let us show you why we love ceramic grills!