Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Since 1975, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ has been making high quality gas fire pits based on a simple philosophy: Letting you enjoy a cozy fire with the touch of a button.

A warm fire is the perfect focal point for any outdoor living space. Your family and friends will love it for years to come.

Let’s turn your patio or backyard into your dream outdoor room!

Fire Pit Products

Light up the night and add warmth to your outdoor space with a beautiful gas fire pit, fire pit table, or table-top fire pit. With over 30 models and custom styles available, Leverette Kitchen & Bath has outdoor gas fire pits for every home.

The Pointe

With its unique L-shaped burner, the Pointe fits perfectly around pools or modern, sectional sofas. It’s perfect for larger areas that need to accommodate larger groups.

You even have the option of a glass guard for added safety. Like all the fire pits we offer, the Pointe stores 20 pounds of propane, so you won’t have to refill often.

You’ll love the way it transforms your outdoor living space!


This gas fire pit table is made from gorgeous granite, so it’s both beautiful and functional. And it’s built to last for years!

The Colonial is truly a customizable design. Available in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, the model comes in chat, dining, or pub height. There’s even an optional lazy Susan pit cover.

You’ll definitely find an option that will look amazing in your outdoor space!


The 2-tiered table fire pit is expertly engineered for both warmth and elegance. The Uptown fire pit may just be our most stylish, modern design. Its sleek style and granite, Supercast exterior grade stucco finishes are perfect for contemporary spaces.

Your guests will love all the useable tabletop space too!


Compact and stylish, the Providence is ideal for smaller outdoor patios where space is scarce. Plus, it’s simple and classic, so it’ll look great with your existing outdoor patio furniture.

Choose from stainless steel and marbleized Noche Supercast for the Providence’s tabletop.


Why choose a Montego fire pit table? It’s one of the most durable options you’ll find on the market today. Made from the strongest materials on the market, this fire pit table is built to last.

It’s also extremely versatile. Don’t always want a fire burning? You can easily convert the Montego into a traditional glass top table -- its black glass top comes with a matching glass cover for the burner. Choose between black or balsam wicker bases.


Are sleek black designs and ultra-modern designs not your style? Look no further than the Artisan fire pit table. The acid-washed Supercast top gives each table a one-of-a-kind look and the base is made of the highest quality exterior grade frame and stucco finish.

Ask about the optional glass guard for an additional safety feature!

Fire Pit Accessories

Nothing puts the finishing touch on your outdoor living space like the perfect fire pit accessory. From safety features to beautiful accent pieces, we’ve got the perfect accessory for every fire.


Glass Fire Gems

Glass Fire Gems are a great way to add interest to your fire pit. Heat from the fire creates the illusion of liquid inside the glass. The visual effect is amazing!

They’re available in a variety of colors, including, aqua marine, amber, clear diamond, onyx, and ruby.


Glass Guards

Glass Guards help keep your fire burning longer and brighter by acting as a wind screen. They can fit be made to fit any fire pit burner, so you can request them with any of the models we offer.

Glass Guards don’t just provide safety and protection. They also reflect a gorgeous dancing flame in the glass.


Log Sets

Want a more traditional feel? The Faux Wood Log Set lends a rustic charm to any fire pit. They don’t burn like regular wood, so they’ll look great forever!


Outdoor Gas Fire Pits in Clearwater FL

Want to learn more about the gas fire pits we offer? Stop by our showroom in Palm Harbor, FL for more information. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM and 10AM to 4PM on Saturdays.

Come see why we love outdoor gas fire pits!