Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Material

Whether you’re designing your dream kitchen or remodeling your existing kitchen, you should start thinking about your countertops now. The right countertops offer a combination of functionality, beauty, and durability. Countertops can become the focal point of your kitchen, making it a more inviting space for cooking, dining, and enjoying with friends and family.

At the Leverette Kitchen & Bath, we stock a wide variety of countertop materials in our showroom. We recommend choosing countertops in person, as every piece is unique and colors can vary widely. When you stop by our showroom, we’ll help you pick the perfect material for your kitchen remodeling or design project.

Keep reading to learn more about a few of the kitchen countertop materials we love.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops make a bold statement. Every piece of granite is one-of-a-kind and cut just for your kitchen. We carry granite countertops in a variety of colors and hues sourced from around the world. There’s sure to be one that matches your kitchen’s style.

Granite countertops require sealing every 10 years or so to prevent staining from oil and food. But they are very heat-resistant, meaning you can set a warm pan down on them without damaging them. Granite countertops truly are functional works of art that with proper care can last for decades. And while still a luxury countertop material, granite countertops can be surprisingly affordable.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is one of the hardest, most scratch and chip-resistant stones in the world-- making it a perfect choice for durable (and beautiful) countertops. Quartz countertops are available in several shades of white, beige, tan, copper, blue, and black, among other colors.

Quartz is a particularly tough stone that’s resistant to cuts and scratches from knives and other kitchen tools. In addition, natural anti-microbial properties and low maintenance requirements make quartz a great choice for any kitchen.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

The ultimate in luxury! Marble countertops are spectacularly beautiful. There’s a reason so many sculptors choose to use marble for their most breathtaking works of art. Our hand-selected marble slabs have contrasting veins that highlight their beautiful colors. The cool hues of marble are a perfect match for the variety of design styles common in Florida homes.

Marble is slightly more porous than granite and requires periodic sealing, but with proper maintenance, you’ll enjoy your marble countertops for years to come. If you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen countertops, marble is an excellent choice.

Wood Kitchen Countertops

If your kitchen calls out for a rustic look, yet one that is also classically gorgeous, consider using wood countertops! No other material can provide the warmth of rich, luxurious wood. A variety of woods, including bamboo, cherry, teak, and oak can be used to make countertops that fit any size or style kitchen.

Wood can be a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice of material for your countertops, too. However, it may require more maintenance than other materials, including periodic staining, sealing, and oiling.

Over time, wood can show dings and scratches, but that’s all part of its rustic charm and allure. Luckily, unlike other materials, most wood countertops can be easily refinished and restored to their original beauty.

Recycled Crushed Glass Kitchen Countertops

Recycled countertops are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to other types of countertop materials. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful! Recycled countertops are made by encasing pieces of crushed class in an acrylic material that can be cut to fit any kitchen.

By blending glass pieces in a variety of sizes and colors, recycled countertops are just as unique as any natural material. No two pieces will ever be the same! And they’re very versatile: they can have a classic or contemporary look, depending on the glass used in their construction.

Plus, glass recycled countertops are easy to clean and can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance-- but be aware that acidic foods and some harsh cleaners may damage the acrylic surface.

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